A room with a view

Waking up to this can be yours. Come and stay with us and enjoy the Italian country side and the rich Italian culture

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A strategic location

The Italian Rivera: only an hour's drive

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The Italian Lakes

Only two hours away

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Milan and Turin

Perfect for day trips

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Come and relax at our bed and breakfast or rent our whole villa for a tranquilizing experience of the Piedmont countryside.


Biking, trekking, tennis, golf, horseback riding, shopping, working on your writing, your paintings or other things you may want to work on in an inspirational environment


Rolling hills, medieval towns, vineyards, cafes and wineries. Major attractions like the Italian Rivera, the Lakes, Milan, Turin, Florence and Cannes France are within reach.

The wines and the Piemontese cuisine

Barolo, Barbaresco, Barbera....The most sophisticated and most awarded wines of Italy are produced in Piedmont. Come and join one of our wine tours.

Our stay at Casa Nuova was a perfect blend of relaxation and unforgettable adventuring in medeval villages, located between and on hills of what seemed to be endless vineyards. We had plenty of time to vist the Italian Rivera, Lake Maggiore, Turin and Milan. We discovered a totally new dimension of food and wine in wonderful countryside restaurants. A quality cuisine we had not realized existed. A total surprise. Piemonte surely is "the best kept secret of Italy"